The Ultimate Shatter Sampler


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Product Order Form


Hey High Rollers 😉 You want 50g of shatter?

Green Cannabish Home sets (or lowers) the bar yet again!

The Lowest Price for Shatter Online is at Kush For Sale Online’s Green Cannabish Home!
You can’t beat shatter going for under $25.00/gram!
50 x 1gram packs of shatter for $1250
Each pack will be different, as far as the strains go, but they will all be from one of the following high-quality manufacturers:

Current supply of manufacturers:

House of Glass
Diamond Concentrates
Bees Nectar
Coast Concentrates
Green Gold

There will be a mix of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid in each order. 2-3 grams of each strain max

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